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Try the bazaar website plans different types of attractive promotions schemes for service providers and customers time to time. We are happy to announce first refer scheme in starting. In this first refer scheme customers (members) have to refer and join new customers/ service providers, than they may collect credit points and customers may get free shopping voucher or gift voucher as per website. In this scheme members may collect upto 2000 credit points. Scheme is valid for 15 days i.e. from 6.12.23 to 31.12.23. Scheme details are as under:

For customers :


First you have to join the website as customer through refrel links received from any existing customer from the website. On your join a separate admin will be available to you in website. Than you have to refer and join other persons in your circle by generating and sharing link from your customer admin in website. There are two type of refrel link, one is for customer and another for seller. Customer can select the type of refet link as per joining member requirement.

Like this your referred persons may also further referred and join their circle persons by generating link from their admin.

Credit Points:

On each joining from your refrel link, points will be credited to your accounts as below:

On customer refer by you= 50 points,

On customer refer by your referred persons (up to 5 stage)'= 10 points.

On service provider refer and join by you = 50 points.


On collection of credit points you will be issued shopping voucher or gift voucher (Cash back) as per website. Every 10 points will be equal to Rs. 1/-. To redeem, minimum 500 points credit in your account is must. You can apply to redeem the points after completion of scheme.

Note:: 1. Customer is required to do minimum one inquiry at website to apply to redeem the points. 2. Customer log-in is must to do Inquiry by customer. 


For service providers:

Website allows a free package at website discreation to service providers after start of inquiry as below:

1. Free inquiry package (for 2 month or upto 5 inquiry whichever is earlier).

2. Free Online sharing shop link for 1 month.

3. Free banner display.